Tuesday, 20 April 2010

We now stock TV Brackets!

Ok so were called ThatCable and not ThatBracket, but we've had a number of customers tell us that they have been charged an awful lot for LCD and Plasma TV brackets in the past....We couldn't let this carry on so we now stock our own brackets which are pretty damn good if we do say so ourselves.

Firstly there are fixed brackets like this:

Fixed Brackets
These types of brackets are great if you just want your TV to sit square to the wall and they do exactly what you'd expect them to do.

Next up though, we've got some slightly more sophisticated items like this:

Tilting Brackets
These types of brackets allow you to tilt the display to whichever angle you like...this is particularly good if you were to mount your television above a fireplace...you could then angle it down towards the sofa!

So if you would like to have a look at some of these products, then look out for them on our website or catch them on ebay right now...just click here