Wednesday, 13 April 2011

DJ Lighting & Speaker Stands!

Although we are famous for our What Hi-Fi award winning HDMI cables, ThatCable has a wide range of audio and video products available. New in stock is our range of lighting and speaker stands, as well as lots more Pro audio cables and equipment - perfect for all you DJ’s or Pro audio lovers out there.

We all know that DJ equipment can be very expensive and we have been asked by customers time and time again if we stock them… now we do!

DJ Lighting Stand

Best value light stand on the net!
Perfect for mobile DJs and Karaoke setups, our folding light stand can hold up to 4 stage lights at a height of up to 2.5m. It is fully adjustable and features tough locking fixtures to hold everything securely in place.

DJ Speaker Stand

If you’re a DJ, or provide live sound for bands, you need to get your sound off the ground! With our tough and sturdy speaker stands, they can be raised to almost 2m off the ground, meaning your sound will reach everyone in the venue. Despite their tough construction, they are lightweight and fold to a small size, making them easy to transport.

Competitively priced and excellent quality, these products are a must have, but hurry before we run out as they are flying of the shelves. We also sell accessories to go with these stands such as: Speakon cables and Top Hats.

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